HERA Spa & Massage

HERA Spa & Massage

Coming to Hera Spa & Massage, the guests will relax in the space of luxury treatment, airy.

Bring health, physical and mental relaxation for the guests.

Recovery of alive energy source


Spa & Massage

Our therapists with lots of experience at Spa will help the guests release stress and tiredness by our typical treatment methods. To be named as “The silk road”, methods of treatment here took inspiration from a journey which combined between past and present, spent many land - territory and time, mixed between East and West culture. These methods origin from China, Thailand, Egypt, Arab, Mediterranean sea will bring the guests an interesting journey.

The word “SPA” derives from the abbreviation of the Latin ‘sanus per aquam’ which means “health through water”. From ancient Rome, after the hardships of war, the Roman warriors often go to the heated pools to rest and heal the wounds. People called rehabilitation by water therapy. Afterward, this method has been applied and developed at a higher level with many therapies, relaxed at the scientific level and very delicate, can move the five senses help people find mental relaxation, in which water plays a vital role and through therapeutic and relaxed therapies. SPA was born as a memory of this therapy origin.

Nowadays, SPA is known as broader meaning, methods of care, more plentiful and modern therapies of spiritual relaxation in purpose, health recovery and beauty care. In Viet Nam and some countries apply cosmetic medical technology to proceed therapies of intensive skin. Depending on the different benefit groups, serving for different groups of customers that today SPA is also formed many kinds of typical SPA.

Coming to HERA Spa & Massage, the guests will be consulted and take care of your health which in order to recover alive source of energy, release stress, tiredness by a great experience doctors team and professional staffs.

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